Born in 1986 (Ourense, Spain), currently living and working in San Francisco.

May 2016 Master of Fine Arts (San Francisco Art Institute, USA)
2011-2014 Bachelor of Arts: Photography and Fine Arts (University of Applied Arts of Vienna, Austria)
July 2011 Master in Multimedia Translation (University of Vigo, Spain)
July 2009 Bachelor of Arts: Translation and Interpretation (University of Vigo, Spain)
2007-2008 Bachelor of Arts: English and French Philology (University Jagiellonski, Cracow, Poland)

Selected exhibitions (* = solo/duo)
2016 “The Yud Video Project” Contemporary Jewish Museum (San Francisco) [US]
* 2016 “Exercises in Style” StoreFrontLab (San Francisco) [US]
2016 “The Infraordinary” Adobe Books (San Francisco) [US]
2016 “Ars Electronica Festival” Ars Electronica (Linz) [AT]
* 2016 “299792458” Aggregate Space Gallery (Oakland) [US]
2016 “L'Œil d'Oodaaq” St Malo [FR]
2016 “Writ Large festival” University of California Santa Cruz [US]
2016 “VIDEO/BAR” Le Café sur Cour [FR]
2016 “2016 SFAI MFA Film and Video Festival” San Francisco Art Institute [US]
2016 “2016 SFAI MFA Exhibition” Herbst Pavilion at Fort Mason [US]
2015 “Writ Large” Great Wall of Oakland (Oakland) [US]
2015 “in/tension” Diego Rivera Gallery (San Francisco) [US]
2015 “latent” Swell Gallery (San Francisco) [US]
2015 “Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards” SOMArts (San Francisco) [US]
2015 “Little Obsessions” Diego Rivera Gallery (San Francisco) [US]
2015 “Art=2o” Nando Argüelles Art Projects (Cádiz) [ES]
* 2014 “The absence of art” Paul Sack Gallery (San Francisco) [US]
2014 “BeLong” Diego Rivera Gallery (San Francisco) [US]
2014 “Pretty raw” Vordere Zollamtsstraße (Vienna) [AT]
2014 “Performativität des Widerstands” Lisabird Contemporary (Vienna) [AT]
2014 “San Antón nas Panateneas” Museo Municipal (Ourense) [ES]
2014 “busy lines” Galerie Z (Hard) [AT]
2014 “Cabin #99” The Redwoods in Yosemite (California) [US]
2014 “Unter Strom” Semperdepot (Vienna) [AT]
2014 “FLECHA 2014” Art Madrid (Madrid) [ES]
2013 “Das Exponential” AUSARTEN[ ] e.V. (Vienna) [AT]
2013 “Etwas mit Geste” Galerie Z (Hard) [AT]
2013 “Exposure” huffak Offspace (Vienna) [AT]
2013 “Festival IN OUT” Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art (Gdansk) [PL]
2012 “REALM” Heiligenkreuzerhof (Vienna) [AT]
2012 “The essence 2012” Künstlerhaus (Vienna) [AT]

2016 “Language to be Looked at @ Things to be Read” Online exhibition through e-mail (from Berkeley) [US]
2016 “The Artist Talk Fest” [in collaboration with Ana María Montenegro Jaramillo] Residence/SF (San Francisco) [US]
2015 “Desktop show II” presented as part of the exhibition “Public Works: Artists’ Interventions 1970s–Now” at Mills College (Oakland) [US]
2015 “The Reader” [in collaboration with Joseph del Pesco] on-line project for Kadist Art Foundation (San Francisco) [US]
2015 "UNSHOWN" [in collaboration with Ana María Montenegro Jaramillo] Noroof Gallery (San Francisco) [US]
2014 “Desktop show” on-line project from my desktop (from Berkeley) [US]

Selected publications
2016 SFAI MFA Catalogue
2015 Bilding - Fotografie an der Angewandten [De Gruyter Verlag]
2014 Unter Strom Catalogue
2014 FLECHA 2014 Catalogue
2013 Jahresbericht OeAD 2012
2013 Festival IN OUT - Film Collection [DVD]
2010 “Caderno dun retorno ao país natal” Boletín Galego de Literatura Nº43 [ISSN 0214 9117]

Scholarships and awards
2016 Outstanding Graduate Student Award (San Francisco Art Institute) [US]
2015 Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Award (Murphy and Cadogan Foundation) [US]
2015 SFAI Fellowship Award (San Francisco Art Institute) [US]
2014 BMWF Scholarship (Ministry of Science and Research) [AT]
2014 SFAI Fellowship Award (San Francisco Art Institute) [US]
2012 Merit scholarship (University of Applied Arts of Vienna) [AT]
2010 Language assistant Scholarship (Ministry of Culture) [FR/ES]
2006 Erasmus scholarship (Ministry of Education) [EU]