Drawing now
Various dimensions
Charcoal drawings on paper and wall, Xerox copies and inkjet prints

Detail Xerox copy (43 x 28 cm)

Installation view

Charcoal on xerox copies (28 x 43 cm each)

Installation view

Paint and charcoal drawing on wall (243 x 335 cm)

Detail from paint and charcoal drawing on wall

Xerox copy (28 x 43 cm)

Installation view

Drawing now was a survey exhibition at the MoMA New York that focused on drawing as a major and independent means of expression. The catalogue for the exhibition, published in 1976 and with an essay written by the curator Bernice Rose, argues that by investigating crucial energies within the medium, artists were successful in moving drawing from “one context, that of a minor support medium, [to another], that of a major and independent medium”. It is through the reformulation of this catalogue that the project Drawing now takes its form: following the catalogue's index as installation instructions, obeying the numbers, connecting the dots... As a result, this project brings to the exhibition surface the topicality of medium interdependences. At the same time, it claims how drawing now, and by extension any other form of visual creativity, might simply be a recomposition of what has been drawn, or what has been written about drawing, or what has been exhibited as such. In a present where texts produced are composed by paraphrases of other texts and where hyperlinks become our form of navigating information, it seemed appropriate to produce this project.