Exhibition view
3,6 square meters
Photographs from the MoMA's archive, wood, paint, flat screen monitors, cables, media players, DVR, live feed cameras, IP camera, *******

View from the outside

View of the first wall: two videos shown consecutively (1'5" and 1'33")

One of the videos shown on the first wall

View of the second wall: painted wood frames (various sizes) and one cut-up inkjet print

Detail of the cut-up inkjet print (13 x 18 cm)

View of the third wall from outside

Monitor showing live feed from surveillance cameras
situated on the upper corners of the space

Dynamic wall label situated on an outside wall

"Exhibition view is the result of a four month research project that investigated the different elements that construct exhibitions and shape how these were, are and will be viewed. Taking as its starting point photographic images of historical exhibitions, more specifically exhibition view photographs from the MoMA New York spanning more than 50 years, this installation invites us to reflect upon a history of art that nowadays corresponds to the history of exhibitions rather than of individual artistic statements. The use of the museum as a medium, a contemporary trend that acts as a critique of the display and institutionalization of art, is materialized here in form of videos, sculptures, photographs and text that make use of different time frames through which the flow of time is both (re)viewed and performed."

+ Full unpublished exhibition review