18 x 23 cm each
Folded digital prints

Installation view from the in the Diego Rivera Gallery (San Francisco)

I've read that the emergence of the artist as a curator is similar to what is happening in contemporary writing: words are not written but curated. The future of writing is pointing. Let's hope for an uncreative future, uncreating texts, uncreating exhibitions. Be uncreative. As an act of uncreativity, I've reframed old sentences from one wall to another wall; all of them art institutions' walls. Some people call poetry to this very act of moving information from one place to another. Other people name objects, like, Fountain. By the very act of naming one enters into a process as into a contract. Artwork titles are the written contracts between the object and its existence through language. Recombining titles without their referential objects goes clearly against contractual clauses. All and any reference to all and any object or text is up to you. Everything you hear in your head, heart, whole body, when you read that, is what that is.

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